Episode 67: Taking Control of Your Time As a Business Owner with Jeffrey Venn

Episode 67: Taking Control of Your Time As a Business Owner with Jeffrey Venn

Show notes

Up next on Pass the Secret Sauce, we have Jeffrey Venn. Jeffrey is the founder and CEO of Create Studios. At Create Studios, they have carved out their own unique culture and approach to work that isn’t some meaningless, stifling grind. They love each other, have fun together, and do great work. They’re always improving, always learning, and will never stop growing.

Jeff has achieved a great deal of success with his company and we get into some of the reasons why he succeeded and how he has grown a company that pretty much runs by itself. We get into building culture and building systems and getting a process in place so that you can have the freedom from your business that people think that they should have but very few actually do.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How he got interested in starting his own business [3:27]
  • Designing his company so he will be able to have more control of his time [5:23]
  • How he fired himself from his business and creating processes for his team to run effectively and efficiently [10:40]
  • Working smart vs working hard, advice for workaholics [13:10]
  • Starting a coworking space [17:21]
  • How he selects people to join his team and the importance of building a great company culture [18:47]
  • Selecting the management team [20:45]
  • Importance of business coaching and challenges in his business today [22:38]
  • His future plans and helping out millennial entrepreneurs [25:27]
  • Getting past the fear of starting a business [27:30]

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