Episode 189: Start-Up Mentality vs Scaling Mentality with Victor Pena

Episode 189: Start-Up Mentality vs Scaling Mentality with Victor Pena

Show notes

Victor Pena is the CEO of Omniprint International, a multi-million dollar printer manufacturer. A skilled leader of innovative teams, he has won Product of the Year awards for five straight years.  Furthermore, he has developed products from the scratch, such as the Cheetah Industrial DTG Printer, Wurk - an online platform for workflow tracking and automation, and Gamut Plus. He is a focused digital marketer with solid fundamentals and creative strategies for lead creation,  development and management.  

If you want to get into DTG (Direct to Garment) Printing Business, visit their website OmniPrint https://www.omniprintonline.com/

If you are interested in booking Victor Pena, click the link below https://elitespeakersagency.com/speaker/victor-pena/

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