Startup Psychology - Why entrepreneurs innovate faster, cheaper, with less people than corporations

Startup Psychology - Why entrepreneurs innovate faster, cheaper, with less people than corporations

Welcome back to the Pass the Secret Sauce podcast…

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Welcome back to the Pass the Secret Sauce podcast. This week’s guest is Mike Stemple, founder of Inspirer and a proud veteran of the US Army. Mike helps corporate executives to think and act more entrepreneurially. This is accomplished through client workshops and Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) consulting. Recently, Mike embedded for 2 years with Molson Coors as their EIR where he provided the entrepreneurial mindset for global innovation teams. Mike has built 20+ startups, is an expert at ideation, innovation, startup psychology, and brand creation, and is a mentor at Techstars, a global seed accelerator. During this episode I discuss with Mike the impact of a black swan event to opportunities within startups and corporations. We also discuss why entrepreneurs innovate faster, cheaper, and with less people than corporations In this episode we discuss: [1:15] Mike shares his family dynamic, a story of loss and how they overcame it as a family [3:20] Mike discusses working with his brothers on businesses [4:16] The time he had a business idea (SkinIt) everyone thought was stupid and was going to fail [5:32] His inspiration for SkinIt [08:10] How he created the first customized skin for his phone [9:31] Mike’s SkinIt idea being rejected by a VC [13:21] How Mike and his brothers funded, built and ran SkinIt [14:51] Hardest part of running SkinIt in the early days [17:14] Getting banned from all the electronic retailers in his area [19:55] What is an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) [22:00] How he started EIR’ing for a company [24:00] How he built his brand and working with big companies [26:04] Scaling a small company VS a large company [27:20] GE: an example of a company that has unnecessary processes [29:06] Building for sale, not for scale [29:39] The psychology of innovation in a black swan event [30:43] Massive opportunities from the pandemic [32:15] Why Mike is giving away his content for free [35:19] Inspiration, hope,courage and strategy [37:50] Mike’s book Quotable Quotes -Most unicorns are created in the startup world and not the corporate world. -Build for sale, not for scale. Stop building to be a global product, just focus on building a product that you can get your first sale. -I can’t think of one event in history that has created more opportunities than the black swan event we’re going through right now. -If the world needs my help, I’m more than happy to give it. Because that’s what you do in a black swan event. -Inspiration is the key. You cannot self-inspire. I cannot inspire myself. I have to seek inspiration. Inspiration gives you hope. -The minute you’re hopeless you have no courage and if you don’t have courage you don’t act in a way that the consumer needs you to act to deliver on the promise of what they want. Links to sources and tools Follow Mike on all his social media to access valuable information that he is now making available for free. Head on over to his uDemy to access his courses for free as well. Website: Facebook page: Personal Linkedin: Company LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: Medium: uDemy: Support our podcast Rate and review: the podcast on iTunes or wherever you subscribe. Tell a family member, friend, or colleague about the show. Subscribe: so you never miss an episode. Subscribe to us on YouTube and follow us on LinkedIn:

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